How it works

The GPS system of your smartphone or tablet locates your position and allows the system to provide a map of the area where you are, highlighting the activities closest to you.

A simple tap on the icon and here is a detailed sheet of the chosen activity, accompanied by a map with directions to get there.

For best use, the user can choose to delete/undelete some categories, or change the number of displayed tasks.

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4 types of activities

Eat, meet, sleep – Do you own an activity related to this ?
We have considered 4 groups of activities:

alberghi Hotels

 Public houses

Food products


Levels of view

If you own an activity like these, then you might be interested in being present in : there are three levels of presence:

BASIC (free):

your business is already in our database with name, address and category. A customer who clicks on your icon

gets quickly a map with directions to reach you and the distance to be traveled.

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 ENTRY LEVEL (9.99 Euro / year)

more than everything provided in the basic level, you can enter your phone number, fax, email address and your Web site. A little slogan will customize the card of your business. The icon of the Entry level differs from the one of the basic level for the presence of a golden star

in the upper edge.

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PREMIUM LEVEL (99.99 Euro / year)

 more than everything provided in the Entry level, you can enter up to 5 fields of text and 5 photographs. The text fields may be used for various purposes:
- A more extensive description of your business
- Indicate the opening hours / days
- Communicate any news: a dish of the day, a special offer, an event … whatever you want.
- Price list (if you wish ..).

The icon of the Premium level

differs from the one of the Entry level for the completely golded background.

In addition there are two “appetizing” opportunities reserved for Premium members:

- You can send real-time notifications for users with our application and that are located near your business: for example: I put on sale 5 bottles of champagne at half price for first 5 customers who turn up in my shop “… . and here are 5 customers will rush there in a few minutes …. they were already in the neighborhood !

- Do you have a competitor which is annoying you a little (ouch) and maybe is present in the gpspasta application only as a basic level (ouch, ouch, ouch)? We can “suspend” him for a year and custemers will see only you at his place; business is business !

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